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This New Horizon for Me

I wonder if you are enjoying expanding your horizon. As you seek to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and spend time with Father God in the morning, how is your life unfolding? What is opening up for you that is different?

For me at present, my way of being with God includes taking a slow read through the gospel of John, pausing to talk to Jesus about the things He said or did—allowing myself to wonder and to be open to new ways of looking at familiar words. I find myself expectantly falling in love with this Jesus—and through Him, into a deeper level of love with Father God. I find myself opening to new adventures with the Spirit. Not feeling I have to do anything special or follow some formula—just being and allowing love to flow into and through me.

I could say I do it poorly, but I don’t think that is the point. This is not a competition or a test. This is walking with a friend whose love, acceptance, and forgiveness is infinite. This is a baby step forward, and then often a couple of steps back. The important thing is to keep moving forward.

I recently met a couple of friends for lunch. One of them I find challenging to be with. Not totally sure why (or perhaps I don’t want to examine that too closely!). On my way to the restaurant, conscious of my desire to walk with God in His love, I asked God to help me be kind, not judgmental. Part way through the meal, I found myself asking her a question about something I knew mattered to her. I just didn’t realize how passionately she felt about it, and we had the most insightful, enjoyable conversation about something that matters to us both. I came away feeling grateful. I hadn’t consciously thought about being kind. When I say, “I found myself”, to me that means that I said something that came from my spirit, not my conscious mind. I felt as if the Spirit had led me to this topic, and the unexpected result was a delight! Only God can orchestrate such things.

You may have had the desire to live this way for years. I know I have. What is making the difference for me now? I think it is acknowledging that this way of living has to come from deep within. This is not a matter of your will. In ways, it is a matter of surrender—from “I can’t” to “Your love in and through me”. And it begins in this daily being in God’s presence, resting in His love.

Will you accept the Shepherd’s invitation to lie down in green pastures, to rest beside still waters?

Do you sense the need of a companion to walk alongside you on this journey—this way of being with Jesus that changes everything? A spiritual director can share this sacred space with you in a way that can help you open to God’s presence in your everyday life and His invitation to you to a deeper place of being with the Spirit. We would love to help you in your journey,

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