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Wonder with Wendy on Wednesday, November 15

I am sitting here today, watching the wind moving quietly through the trees—

wondering if the trees feel it as a gentle touch,

a gentle reminder that

they are alive,

they are loved,

they have purpose.

I am thinking about how you, Jesus, spoke of everyone born of the Spirit as being “like the wind—blowing where it wills, no one knowing where it comes from or where it is going.” So, that is you, Spirit! What does knowing that say to me today?

Firstly, your presence is so reassuring. You remind me that I am alive, that I am loved, that my life has purpose.

Secondly, I can’t control you (ha!) any more than the trees can control the wind—I can only be aware of your presence and then respond to your movement.

So, I sit here quietly.

I let go of expectations.

I allow the moment to be what it is.

I sense an invitation into being…

being loved

being the Beloved

being more valuable than the birds …

embracing possibility…

open to the unexpected…

knowing this day has purpose…

opening my heart

to let go of judgments against myself…

to accept your acceptance.

I wonder if there is there an invitation from God for you in these words? Is there a place deep within where the Spirit is moving and inviting you into something new?

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